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Pcounter 5.52a for Novell
June, 2013
Pcounter 2.85c for Windows
with Active Directory support
FEB, 2015
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Note to registered customers
Please do not install these versions if your registration number has a maintenance date earlier than 06/2013 for Novell and 02/2015 for Windows.

How to check the maintenance date
How to upgrade from previous versions

EveryonePrint Server (79MB - Right Click and "save target as...")

Pcounter Station 2011.05.17


Qcontrol 2008.06.04
(Download - 1.1 MB)


Pcounter-related utilities

pcounterLDAP.zip - PCounter for Windows LDAP enhancement DLL

  • Authenticates users from an LDAP server from PPopup and Web Client.
  • LDAP users may have account balances in the PrinterPopupUsers database.
  • Pcounter Administrator can be used as an LDAP browser for user administration.
  • User accounts which already exist on an LDAP server do not need to be created or duplicated in Pcounter.
  • Requires Pcounter 2.10f or later.

PPopupPOP.zip - PPopup POP enhancement DLL
Authenticates users from a POP mail server. This is useful if user accounts are located on a Unix or Linux server.

NDSAcct.zip - PCounter for Windows Data Server NDS enhancement DLL
Reads and writes user account balances from NDS instead of from the PCounter for Windows domain databases.

PIMPORT.EXE - Client code database import for automation
Command line equivalent of PAdmin's import capability.