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    How to order Pcounter

    60 day trial period
    Pcounter comes with an amazing 60 day trial period.
    All features are enabled during the trial period; however, Pcounter will stop working entirely if the trial period has expired.

    What you get
    When you register, you will be sent registration numbers.  Each registration number is based on the server name where Pcounter is running, so be sure and include this information along with your order. Enter the number in Pcontrol, and Pcounter is yours. Everything is electronic. Nothing needs to be shipped. The software you have is a fully featured working version. No diskettes or manuals need to be sent.  All of your configurations will be remembered, and the software does not need to be reinstalled.

    Maintenance and Upgrades
    Each Pcounter version and each Pcounter registration number has a date stamp.  Maintenance allows you to download and use future versions of Pcounter which have date stamps earlier than (or the same as) the date stamp in your registration number(s).  If you choose not to purchase maintenance, you are limited to using today's version only.

    Necessary Information for Registration
    If you don't include these, it will take longer for you to receive your registration.
    When placing orders, please include:

    • Your name.
    • Organisation name and address.
    • Email address.
    • Pcounter for Netware: NetWare server name(s) where Pcounter will be running.
    • PCounter for Windows (Server): Sserver name(s) and NetBIOS domain/workgroups where they are located.
    • PCounter for Windows (Workstation): Pcounter Data Server name and NT domain/workgroup where it is located.



    Purchase orders
    Purchase orders are accepted and may be emailed to sales@pcounter.com.au or faxed to:

    + 617 3337 9811

    Credit cards
    We are not accepting Credit Cards at this time.

    Wire or EFT
    Please email sales@pcounter.com.au for instructions.