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    Pcounter Administrator

    Pcounter Administrator is used for Pcounter user, account balance, and client code administration, and for generating reports on printer usage.  It can be launched directly from the Network View of Pcontrol or from the program icon.  User/group lists can be shown for any Active Directory or NDS/eDirectory context, organizational unit, server, or domain.
    (Click on pictures for a larger view.)

    The User accounting view is used to manage account balances for users and groups.   The network tree in the left pane can navigate NDS/eDirectory and Active Directory domains quickly.  Quick user print histories can be viewed, and saved as HTML, CSV, or formatted text. Click to enlarge

    The Client codes view is where the Pcounter popup client code/subcode lists are maintained.  Codes can be imported or entered and edited manually. Click to enlarge

    The Client code list associations view allows specific client codes to be assigned to users and groups for viewing in the Pcounter popup.  This is a powerful feature which can control different client code list content for different users and groups. Click to enlarge

    The Pcounter Pro ID/PIN Numbers view is used to map ID and PIN numbers to user accounts for use with the Pcounter copier applications. Click to enlarge