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    Pcontrol is the starting point for all of your network printer management.  You no longer have to run to the printer server to configure Pcounter.  Pcontrol enables you to do all Pcounter configuration from any Windows machine on the network (except for port configuration, which must be done locally).  You can get quick printer histories and reports right out of the network queue listand even configure remote printer properties right from your seat. In addition to Pcounter-specific functions, Pcontrol provides a network-centric view of print queues, jobs, permissions, and SNMP real time monitoring of printers.

    Pcontrol is the Pcounter-enabled version of Qcontrol.   Please see the Qcontrol page for a summary of print job and printer management features.

    In addition to what Qcontrol has to offer, Pcontrol allows you to navigate the network and select objects for Pcounter-specific features.  In the example below, a popup menu appears after right-clicking on an Windows print queue.  The same can be done for servers, contexts, and domains - Pcounter Administrator can be launched directly from Pcontrol, with the accounting focus on whatever network object was selected.