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    Pcounter for NetWare

    Pcounter for NetWare includes 3 NLMs (NDPS, Queue-based printing and Web interface versions) to be installed on NetWare file servers.  All NetWare versions 3.x - 6.x are supported.  iPrint is also supported.

    Pcounter is a completely native NetWare application, unlike some competitive products which require NT.  Pcounter integrates seamlessly into NDS, Bindery, and the NDPS Managed Object Database, where it stores configuration and user information.  On large NDS networks where user printing account balances/quotas are enforced, Pcounter supports custom NDS schema extensions which can allow single users to have multiple account balances for different organizations on the tree, or even to have multiple account balances for different printers.

    Pcounter works with NetWare printing in these ways:

    NDPS mode - Pcounter is loaded by the NDPS Manager as an accounting gateway and works with all printer gateways directly without any need to reconfigure printing.  Adding accounting to a printer is as simple as shutting down and starting up a printer agent.

    Queue monitor mode - Pcounter intercepts and manages jobs in queues which are being serviced by other print servers such as PSERVER.NLM or HP JetDirects.  This is the quickest and easiest method of setting up Pcounter, as it does not require reconfiguration of printing.

    Pcounter active printing mode - Pcounter can be configured to actively manage queues and send print data to network printers, using protocols such as LPR, AppSocket (Raw TCP/IP - supported by most print servers), parallel printing, and moving jobs from one queue to another.  The advantages of this option are that Pcounter can precisely monitor the flow of data to printers, Pcounter may be able to get page count information from the printer (which saves on server CPU processing), and you can save on licensed connections by having Pcounter send data to print servers instead of having the print servers login to the file server.

    Other features:

    • Pcounter can be used to enforce global print job configurations on queues, which can enable or disable banner, form feed, and notify settings without needing to worry about workstation settings.
    • Pcounter can automatically assign print job ownership from other platforms (such as Mac and Unix) by searching the NDS tree or bindery, or delete the job if an owner cannot be found.
    • Pcounter supports iPrint and NDPS clustering.