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    Who uses Pcounter?

    Pcounter is being used at many schools all over the world, from well-known prestigious universities to high schools, secondary schools, and school boards.  Students can use a lot of paper, whether they are printing out multiple drafts of research papers or surfing the web.  Pcounter enables academic sites to eliminate print waste completely.  It can be used in a pay-as-you-print scheme, or students can be granted a limited amount of pages each semester.  Some sites allow students to print as much as they want to, and add the cost to their tuition bill.

    Pcounter is used by various government agencies worldwide for allocating and tracking departmental printing costs and printing security.

    Real Estate
    With today's affordable color printing technology, real estate agencies which at one time needed to produce brochures at professional printing companies are now able to create them in-house.  Pcounter gives agencies the ability to identify which agents are printing and to bill them later for printing costs.

    Attorneys/Law firms
    Attorneys are well-known for billing clients for consumables, and the Pcounter popup provides this capability for printing.  Users are presented with a list of client codes/matter numbers in order to identify the purpose of a print job, and the resulting data is used for billing to clients of printing costs.

    As discussed above for attorneys, Pcounter is used for client billing of printing costs.   Higher cost print media is often used in research, and Pcounter is a valuable tool in recovering those costs.

    How much does your organization spend on printing now?
    If the cost can be recovered, then Pcounter will easily pay for itself in a short period of time.