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    Pcounter Pricing

    All prices are in AUSTRALIAN Dollars and EXCLUDE GST.

    Please Note:
    International pricing may be higher due to exportation costs, duties, taxes, shipping/handling, and support requirements.

    Pcounter 5.x for NetWare (Server licenses)
    Pcounter 2.x for Windows (Server licenses)

    (No limit to number of users, printers, or clients.)
    Includes one year of upgrade maintenance.

    Pcounter Commercial Academic
    1 to 4 servers $1090 (ex gst) per server $550 (ex gst) per server
    5+ servers $999 (ex gst) per server $495 (ex gst) per server
    1 year of Maintenance (Renewal) $349 (ex gst) per server $179 (ex gst) per server
    Upgrades from Pcounter 5.x (NW)
    Upgrades from Pcounter 2.x (WIN)
    Maintenance is more than one year expired
    $395 (ex gst) per server $290 (ex gst) per server

    Upgrade maintenance
    Each Pcounter version and each Pcounter registration number has a date stamp.  Maintenance allows you to download and use future versions of Pcounter which have date stamps earlier than (or the same as) the date stamp in your registration number(s).