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A cross-platform tool for monitoring of network printers and queues.

It is now possible to manage print jobs on Windows and NetWare printers from a single, central, browsable location. Anyone who needs to watch many printers at once - helpdesks, printer operators, and administrators - will find Qcontrol a valuable asset for printer management.

Pcontrol, which is included with Pcounter, has all the same features as Qcontrol plus extra Pcounter-related functionality.

(Click on pictures for a larger view.)
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Network View displays all servers
and print queues on your network.
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Custom View displays only the
print queues you want to see.

Other Features:

  • Viewing and modification of print job document properties.
  • Modification of Windows printer properties. (Yes, even on remote computers.)
  • Modification of Novell (NDPS/Bindery/NDS) queue properties: Users, Operators, and Print servers.
  • Create new printers/queues, rename/delete existing ones.
  • Standard print control operations: pause/resume/purge printers and queues, pause/resume/restart/delete print jobs.
  • Enhanced print control operations: cutting/copying/pasting/saving/viewing of print documents, moving jobs between printers and queues - even between Novell queues and Windows printers.
  • Drag and drop files onto printers/queues and drag documents from one printer/queue to another.
  • Launch printer configuration programs and/or connect to a printer's built-in web browser.
  • Realtime SNMP device status monitoring (requires Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003, or XP Professional).

General information:

  • Qcontrol runs on all Windows versions.
  • Novell Client 32 highly recommended for NetWare support.
  • The free version of Qcontrol does not save Custom View settings between sessions, and does not startup in Custom View.
  • The paid version will remember all Custom View settings.

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