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    Pcounter Reports

    All print histories and reports can be viewed in the Pcounter viewer, or they can be directly launched into a web browser or Excel. They can be saved as HTML, Comma-delimited text (CSV), or formatted text, and can be sent to others via email using a MAPI-enabled mailer such as Eudora, Communicator, or Outlook.

    Quick print histories (all print activity) can be generated for printers/queues in Pcontrol, and for users/client codes in Pcounter Administrator.  The user print history shown below contains all of the fields in the Pcounter log file, but unwanted fields can be removed if desired.

    Reports can be generated for individual printers/queues in Pcontrol, and for everything else (including all printers/queues) in Pcounter Administrator.  A summary of particular objects (users, printers, client codes, etc.) is generated, and a date range can be specified.  Any combination of Pcounter log files can be used.

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