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    Pcounter Web Client

    Windows version

    Pcounter Web Client is an HTTP CGI application which runs with any Windows web server software, including IIS and Apache. It duplicates the functionality of Pcounter Popup in any web browser from any platform, including Macintosh, Linux, UNIX, and of course Windows.

    This is also a great solution for mobile users and Executive Suites, where users don't have access to the Pcounter Popup client software, or are not required to login to the network.

    Users who print to the Pcounter server via native Windows protocols, LPR, or Samba/SMB are able to authorize, authenticate, and/or apply client billing codes to print jobs without any need for additional client software. Users are shown all pending print jobs, which can be authorized with a single button click.

    NetWare version

    The Pcounter Web Interface (PCOUNTWI.NLM) has a new job authentication page which is available via the NetWare Management Portal. Users who print to NDPS printers via LPR or non-secure iPrint/IPP can login to the server and authorize their jobs to print.

    The result?

    Full printer accounting capability from any client platform!

    Common applications of Pcounter Web Client:
    (Javascript required for samples)

    • Client billing list (Windows)
      Users can apply client/matter numbers, project codes, etc. to print jobs by choosing codes from a list. (View sample)
    • Client billing form (Windows)
      Users can apply client/matter numbers, project codes, etc. to print jobs from a form. (View sample)
    • Job authentication (Windows/NetWare)
      Users can logon to the web page using domain/directory accounts. After they authorize jobs to print, the jobs are assigned to their logon name. (View sample)

    Pcounter Web Client can display in 15 different languages, and supports multiple URLs and configurations.